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The software package Jet9 and working on the basis of his service web hosting PaaS Jet9 are developing management automation department server systems companies ServerSnab. The department is engaged in the development and operation of media performance server applications, failover clusters and heterogeneous clusters of high load, distributed network storage and content delivery. As a server platform used private clouds [TrueVirtual] ( and additional server hardware in geographically remote locations prisutviya.

Jet9 designed to serve the public and internal web sites or web applications with high requirements to reliability and performance. The system is fully compatible with conventional methods of hosting websites and includes a large number of improvements to provide increased fault tolerance, performance and withstand high loads without quality degradation.

Readiness for the work profile

  • Internet shops
  • SaaS-providers
  • Online services and directories
  • Mobile applications
  • Microservises
  • Corporate Web Sites
  • Document management and internal services
  • Corporate Email

Optimized for complex environment

  • Workflows with the requirement of high availability
  • A wide geography of visitors, all Russia
  • Heavy CMS server with high flow capacity
  • High-volume databases, complex resource-intensive queries
  • The distribution of media content - images, audio, video
  • High traffic, large number of concurrent users
  • A large number of mobile users

Achieved results

Increased sales

  • Increase the loyalty of visitors
    • Fast loading pages of the site creates a comfortable feeling and improve the overall impression of the site. Other things being equal, visitors would prefer a site which is pleasant to use.
  • Reducing the number of visitors denials
    • Slowly open pages of the site create discomfort for the user, he can not wait for the completion of the order and go to look for alternatives. Powerful server and guaranteed resources provide fast execution of all site operations.
  • Increasing the number of visitors from search engines
    • Fast operation of the website rising in search results, providing an advantage over the slower sites.
  • Protection against loss of transitions from search engines with site problems
    • Upon detection the unavailability or significant deceleration operation of the site, the search engines exclude it for a long time from the search results. Fault tolerance and guaranteed resources reduce this risk.
  • The influx of audiences from regions and mobile networks
    • Geographic optimization and availability to mobile network allows you to extend the site by audience members influx from distant regions and users of mobile devices.

Improved productivity

  • Accelerating workflow
    • Quick response to the actions of the operator reduces the time required for execution of workflows.
  • Reducing downtime
    • Failover Clustering reduces the number and duration of outages, thus minimizing delays and stop work processes that depend on the operation of the service.
  • Increasing the density of electronic systems
    • comfortable work is a positive motivation for using the system. This allows you to migrate more processes into electronic form without the negative reaction from the employees.
  • Reliable storage of working data
    • Replicating data to a remote data center, and the maintenance of two independent centers of storage of archival copies increases data security and allow to minimize the data loss risks in large-scale accidents and disasters.

Reducing technical maintenance costs

  • You do not need to overpay for unnecessary powerful equipment
    • For the site is used the tariff that is required for the current load level. When site's load rise or fall your fare rate simply increases or decreases.
  • Scalable power without on the adaptation of costs

    • High Power Servers will allow to increase the resources by the tariff increasing. Even with an increase in site traffic to hundreds of thousands of users a day it will be possible to keep former implementation of a site without the need to alter it into multiserver configuration.
  • Reduction in labor costs

    • Service and maintenance of hardware, operating system and system applications is performed by our highly qualified specialists. Does not required keep in staff or external contract addition staff to the high cost of labor.
  • Easy integration into the development process and deploy

    • Possibility to install and use on a web server other system applications simplify installation and updating of web applications. Is suitable for use continuous integration.

Basic characteristics


  • Distributed fault-tolerant
    • Full redundancy of all equipment in geographically remote data center. Switching to backup for 60 seconds after the failure of any component.
  • Redundancy Routing Networks
    • Two independent autonomous systems in both data centers. Protected against failures of network equipment and communications channels, as well as the logic network routing failures.
  • Guaranteed availability for SLA and high compensation for its violation
    • Different ways of organizing different fault tolerance provided by SLA guarantees the availability of different sizes and compensation. Availability Guarantee - from 99.5% to 99.99%.


  • Geographic optimization

    • Points of presence across Russia - Central, North-West, South, Urals, Siberia and the Far East. Unlike the CDN overseas, focused on geographic delivery optimization for the whole world, but having a minimal presence in Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg), or not having it at all (the nearest point to the Russian in Finland or in Germany).
  • Caching accelerators

    • Caches static and dynamic web content. Render the page to visitors from the cache is ten times faster than the generated servers. Reduces the load on the server in several times.
  • Data is sent from the fastest and the least loaded server.

    • The load is balanced across multiple servers in a geographical region. The data is sent at maximum speed from the closest, fastest and least busy server.


  • Guaranteed resources
    • Guaranteed allocation of all resources (CPU, memory, disk size and capacity) and the availability of resources at any time, in full accordance with the tariff without overselling.
  • Load Isolation among neighbors
    • Each client is completely isolated from other load and does not compete with them for resources on the server. The load created by one client does not affect the quality of the other neighbors on the physical server.
  • Easy scalability to capacity the whole server
    • Rates can be changed quickly in a wide range - from minimum to capacity the whole server. This allows for increasing traffic to hundreds of thousands of users a day to continue to serve them quickly and with proper quality without altering the site to multi-server configuration - is enough to raise the tariff.

Ready to work now

All features become available after the placement site, without modification or change in the logic of the site. Fully compatible with any scripts and CMS