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Update delay when you create a dns-zone / www-domain through ISPManager panel

When you create a dns-zone/www-domain through the panel data used ISPManeger and is not updated immediately, with a delay and about 2 minutes after an action. Take this into consideration in their work.

Transfer domain names to servers Jet9

To start a site on our hosting service, you must be delegated the domain name of your site in our ns:


This can be done at your domain registrar

Default Setting

Default enabled web environment LAMP:

  • Apache 2.4.12
  • MySQL MariaDB 5.5.44
  • PHP 5.6.13

The settings of the software are unique to each user. They are available through the $HOME/etc, and (partially) through ISPManager control panel.

Address to access the control panel

To access the control panel, please use the address of the form https: //

Username and password will be sent to the contact address when you connect your account.