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Highly available
fully managed
cloud platform
for web and apps


For Internet projects

  • CDN (content delivery network) for static files, pictures and video
  • ADN (application delivery network) for Web applications and dynamic websites
  • Implementation of the expansion of an existing project fault tolerance

For business

  • Private Jet9 systems deployed at the customer
  • Failover hosting internal applications with communications through the direct channels

Web Hosting Providers

  • Seamless integration host system with the CDN and ADN
  • Enhanced client control panel to automatically connect website to the CDN and ADN

Private Jet 9

The full-featured system hosting and web application management.

  • Hosting of web sites and web applications in a customer's private cloud installed with a full stack Jet9:
    • Geographically distributed failover cluster for hosting Web applications and Web sites
    • Frontends network for content distribution with geographical optimization
    • Acceleration and control center equipment, configuration and web sites
  • Allows to create and use their own independent system for reliable and fast operation of web sites and web applications.
  • Includes collection and analysis of requirements, the creation of the project and a feasibility study, installation, commissioning and full further maintenance.
  • Installation:
    • On hardware at the customer site
    • On the customer's hardware placed in partner data centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg
    • On leased servers TrueVirtual
    • On virtual machines, Amazon, Azure, HP Cloud OpenStack and other providers
  • Can be integrated with CDN and DDoS-protection systems:
    • Amazon CloudFront
    • Akamai
    • LimeLight Networks
    • CloudFlare
    • Arbor Cloud
    • Qrator

Jet9 HA Cluster

Geographically distributed failover cluster

Program set that provides fail-over operation of web container. Implements a scheme with a hot standby in territorially remote data center with real-time data replication.


  • Protection against split-brain
  • Migration of IP-address in the shared routing network
  • Work on the two IP-addresses with independent routing networks

Jet9 Frontend

Content delivery network and web accelerator with geographic optimization.

  • Acceleration of the web site or the customer's Web applications without hosting change.
  • Network implements the functions of content distribution and Web acceleration:
    • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    • Application Delivery Network (ADN).

Integration is performed transparent for the existing site and does not require rewriting scripts or other changes in the logic . This provides a minimum cost of move to solution and eliminate the dependency to the supplier, allowing any time to abandon it or switch to an alternative solution. It favorably distinguishes CDN Jet9 unlike many others the CDN, working in the cloud data storage mode, working via SWIFT or Amazon S3 protocol.

Jet9 Web Container

Runtime environment for large amount of web applications on the same server.

Used for placing on the a standard server or in a container on a failover cluster. Implements load isolation between adjacent web applications and provides for them a guaranteed allocation of resources in accordance with the designated limits and priorities.

Protects Web applications from the competition for resources and prevents one application disrupt neighboring applications or reduce the quality of their performance.

It provides better performance than Docker or other tools application containerization due to lack of computing resources costs for additional layers of abstraction.

Jet9 NOC

Jet9 Control center


  • Automation of control system and components
  • Automation of control websites and web applications
  • Technical documentation and manuals
  • Standardized workflows
  • Quality control and fault diagnosis
  • Accounting for work performed and detected problems


  • Orchestration system, automation of configuration management of equipment
    • Based on SaltStack
    • Changes are controlled by a version control system (git)
    • Code review
  • Reporting the collection and analysis system
  • Monitoring and notification system
  • Discovery service to distribute web applications and web sites on clusters and front-geo-Optimizer
  • The work planner
    • Incident Reports
    • Reports on problems and their solutions tracking
    • Planning of improvements
    • Planning and execution of the current work
    • Knowledge base
  • Documentation
    • Technical description of the system
    • Standards of components
    • Methods of testing the correctness of the settings
    • Methods for measuring the performance of components
    • Putting into service and reception systems and components
    • Regulations for regular procedures
    • Regulations on Emergency