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High-availability cluster

Hosting on a failover cluster designed for applications where any failure is undesirable, especially long downtime occurred during working time or visited. It can be both internal corporate services (workflows, file storage, document management, accounting), and public Internet services (online shopping, help systems, corporate websites).

For sites using failover clusters Jet9, organizedwith fully redundant infrastructure in multiple geographically distributed data centers. In normal servers functioning on the equipment located in the same data center, while in the other data center is in hot standby redundant equipment. All server data is replicated from the first data center to the second. If the problems in the first data center servers automatically switches to the backup in the data center.It provides data integrity and service operation not only with individual failures in the equipment, but also in the larger accident, until the complete termination of a data center or its destruction.

Jet9 failover cluster allows us to provide even greater service reliability and provide higher service availability guarantees with higher compensation for breach of warranty.

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