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Highly available
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cloud platform
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Highly Available

Guarantee of availability 99.99%. Synchronous data replication to independent data centers. SLA


Geo distributed site frontends (CDN).
Content cache network (CCN)


Scaling in a wide range. Available capacity of the whole server. Guaranteed resources

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  • 512 Mb RAM
  • 500 MHz CPU
  • 8 Gb disk
  • from { order.tariff_min_price | idx 1 } rub/mon
  • 2048 Mb RAM
  • 2000 MHz CPU
  • 32 Gb disk
  • from { order.tariff_min_price | idx 4 } rub/mon
  • 4096 Mb RAM
  • 4000 MHz CPU
  • 64 Gb disk
  • from { order.tariff_min_price | idx 8 } rub/mon
  • 8192 Mb RAM
  • 8000 MHz CPU
  • 128 Gb disk
  • from { order.tariff_min_price | idx 16 } rub/mon
  • 16384 Mb RAM
  • 16000 MHz CPU
  • 256 Gb disk
  • from { order.tariff_min_price | idx 32 } rub/mon

from { order.sla_min_price | idx 0 } rub/mon
Guaranteed uptime
from { order.sla_min_price | idx 1 } rub/mon
Guaranteed uptime
from { order.sla_min_price | idx 2 } rub/mon
Guaranteed uptime
from { order.sla_min_price | idx 3 } rub/mon
Guaranteed uptime

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RAM{ order.tariff.ram } Mb
CPU{ order.tariff.cpu } MHz
Disk{ order.tariff.disk } Gb
Sites{ order.tariff.domain}
Guaranteed uptime: {order.sla.availability}
SLA compensation: up to {} rub
Pay for 1 mon.{ order.price | evaluate 'price * (1-0 / 100)' order | int } rub/mon
Pay for 3 mon.{ order.price | evaluate 'price * (1-10 / 100)' order | int } rub/mon
Pay for 6 mon.{ order.price | evaluate 'price * (1-30 / 100)' order | int } rub/mon
Pay for 12 mon.{ order.price | evaluate 'price * (1-50 / 100)' order | int } rub/mon
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Highly Available

The maximum hosting availability is provided by high-availability clusters with full redundancy infrastructure and synchronous replication to geographically distant data centers. In accidents of any size operation of sites recovered for a 1-3 minutes. It allows us to guarantee service uptime up to 99.99% and high level of responsibility for the SLA.


For content delivery for Russia and all over the world using geographically distributed frontends network (CDN). Visitors receive data as quickly as possible from the nearest server. Caching accelerators reduce the page generation time up to 500 times and reduce the load on the Web server, increasing its speed. It accelerates the loading of pages site by visitors to a fraction of a second.


Host servers have a high-speed connection to the Internet, the SSD storage, a large number of processor cores and increased amount of RAM. load isolation between containers eliminates the influence of neighbors on other sites speed. Sites receive guaranteed resources without overselling in accordance with the plan and possibility to scale tariff over the wide range. It allows sites to serve up to 200 thousand visitors per day.

Ready to work now

Jet9 subsystems are integrated into a single entity, their configuration and interaction are performed automatically without manual intervention. Standard web hosting environment provides full compatibility for all scripts and CMS. The functions of all subsystems are activated immediately after order placement and require no modifications or changes to the site. Administration, optimization and updating our technical department produces. You can manage your site through a simple control panel with the web interface.

Trial period

The work of a sites on all plans can be tested for free for 7 days.
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Payment methods

For private persons: bank card, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, Qiwi-wallet, online transfer, bank receipt for the cash register. For organisations: bank transfer.


In case of early cancellation of the contract returns all the money for remained time. Conditions are valid for all orders, including discounted rates and special offers.

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